Marketing 3-4-5™ Book

The Business Owner's Guide to Effective Local Marketing in 15-Minutes or Less

"Marketing 3-4-5™ Simplifying Local Marketing takes the myth out of marketing and offers you straightforward strategies to help grow your business. This needs to be on every small business owner’s and Main Street Director’s must-read list.” —Liz Parham, Director of North Carolina Main Street

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“I don’t have time… I'm not a techie… I don’t know where to start…“

Marketing doesn't have to be complicated, it doesn't have to be time-consuming, and it doesn't have to be expensive, but it must be done. When marketing is done well it will transform your business.

The Marketing 3-4-5™ approach starts with the 3 reasons you do marketing, the 4 reasons people choose to work with you, and the 5 ways they find you

Throughout the book, you learn to quickly create and distribute content using a Guided Prompt-based approach which ensures you can be effective even if you don't have much time, aren't a great writer, and lack creativity.

While you may not become a marketing superstar or marketing ninja, armed with your two unfair advantages, authenticity and relationships, you and your community will #TakeBackLocal.


Full List of Chapters


Marketing Myths, Misconceptions, and Half-Truths

What's Stopping You?


People Have Changed

The Balance of Power for Marketers Has Changed

You Have a Moral Obligation to Do Effective Marketing


Making Better Marketing Decisions

3 Reasons for You to Do Marketing

4 Reasons People Choose to Work with You

5 Ways People Find You


Examples Make the Best Content

There is No Magic in Anything

Marketing 3-4-5™ Content Distribution

All Content of Consequence™ Should Live on Your Website

Marketing 3-4-5™ Content Distribution Flow-Chart


The Universally Simple Local Blog Post Template


Website Page Considerations

Sitewide Website Considerations

Considerations When Introducing a New Website


Describe Your Ideal Customer

Generating Your Ideal Customer

Describe Your Ideal Employee

How Are You Involved in the Community?

Delivering New Value for Your Ideal Customers



Essay Contents

Automate Cross-Promotion and Support Local on Your Terms

Yes, You Really Do Need an Effective, Mobile-Friendly Website

Attract More of Your Ideal Customers by Talking About Existing Customers

Recognizing Partners and Businesses That Send You Referrals

Do You Use Your Website to Support Your Sales Efforts? Here's How You Can Do It...

5 Reasons You Should Add a Donation Request Page to Your Small Business Website

Why Email is Still Surprisingly Valuable

Do You Put Too Much Trust in Social Media, including Facebook and Instagram?

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Business Owners

Some Things are Unknowable - The Fallacy of Attribution

What I Love About Local Media - Magazines, Newspapers, and Community Resource Websites

A Few Thoughts on Paid Media

A List of Marketing Power Words or High Emotion Trigger Words to Make an Impact

Ecommerce Notables

Marketing Your Franchise, Local Agency, or Licensee Business

Content Prompts Make Business Blogging Fast and Easy

Highlight a Creation or Project

Product Overviews, Unboxings or Staff Picks

Spotlight an Experience

Professional Services Example

Employee or Volunteer Recognition

Profile a Client or Customer Recognition

Profile a Cause or Nonprofit

Vendor, Partner or Business Recognition Spotlight

(Special Section) Network Marketing / Direct Sales

The 5 Types of Network Marketers

The "Two Sales Problem" 

People Who Naturally Form Positive Habits Are the Most Successful

Additional Resources

A Web Presence That Says YOU

Local Marketing & Content Plans

Suggested Additional Reading and Information

Implementing Marketing 3-4-5™ with Locable

We wrote the Local Lovin' Book on Marketing

Marketing 3-4-5™: The Business Owner's Guide to Effective Local Marketing in 15-Minutes or Less

Reviews from Business Owners, Main Street and Chamber Associations, and More.

"Marketing 3-4-5™ Simplifying Local Marketing takes the myth out of marketing and offers you straightforward strategies to help grow your business. This needs to be on every small business owner’s and Main Street Director’s must-read list.” 

—Liz Parham

Director of North Carolina Main Street

“Marketing 3-4-5™ takes the fear out of the subject of marketing and gives you the tools to execute local marketing. Brian Ostrovsky has done an excellent job of laying out the steps to help you.” 

—Howard Behar 

President Starbucks, retired 

"I found the book to be an interesting stream of conscious on marketing that any business owner would find useful. It underscored the neglected issue of time and how business owners are disadvantaged by relegated marketing to quick chores instead of spending time learning its complexities. It also rips the bandage off SMBs' increasing reliance on social media without truly understanding its strengths and weaknesses. I'd recommend it to any business owner or novice marketer as a book that can help adjust a company's marketing course in the right direction." 

—Gordon Borrell

CEO Borrell Associates

“Local Chambers have a unique role to play in supporting their businesses' marketing efforts, Marketing 3-4-5™ equips Chamber Execs and their members with actionable insights improve their marketing without significant effort or expense.” 

—Ed Burzminski,

President and CEO of Chamber Marketing Partners

"A winning strategy that any small business can follow and see results over time. Brian Ostrovsky distills complex information in an easy-to-use framework."

—Joe Pulizzi

Founder, The Tilt and Author, Content Inc.

"As an agency marketer, the number one advice I share with every client partner is ‘no one can tell your story better than YOU.’ Brian Ostrovsky provides an approach to easily humanize your business and ‘tell your story’ in a way to help others find you with “Marketing 3-4-5™.”

—Cindy Sutton 

Founder Spokeology 

“We started implementing Marketing 3-4-5™ and the results were eye opening. I have worked with both large and small companies and thought I knew everything there was to know about marketing. This approach takes the complexity out of marketing and provides you with straightforward and simple tools that get results! Most importantly it doesn’t require a lot of time. We rank higher on Google and our business has grown exponentially… Thank you Brian and team for making marketing easy for small businesses and organizations!” 

—Kathy Fargo

First Choice Signs

"This book has the answers to both of the big marketing questions: "What to do first?" and "Why is it that important?" This is a quick, but complete overview into the what and why of digital and content marketing for the local business owner." 

-Andy Crestodina

Co-founder and CMO, Orbit Media

"The Marketing 3-4-5™ framework is a simple, easy to understand process that gives small business owners the basic tools they need to up their marketing game.” 

—Thomas Gregory

State Coordinator, Mississippi Main Street Association

"Marketing 3-4-5: takes the mystery out of marketing, skips the buzz words and gives actionable tips and guidance to Main Street merchants looking to take their marketing outreach to a new and successful level.
When you complete the book, you'll have the confidence plus guidance on how to make your marketing efforts a resounding success."

—John Reetz

Journalist/digital transition consultant Media Solutions Partners

This is a good basic guide to marketing as we know most small businesses know their product or service well but are usually not skilled in marketing, this can give them a good start to do the things that make sense to get their marketing ramped up. 

—John Fugazzie 

Founder of

"Marketing 3-4-5™ is an essential framework for improving how your organization or community share their unique stories and build TRUE COMMUNITY among all residents." 

—Ben Levenger

President, Downtown Redevelopment Services

“Marketing 3-4-5™ breaks down the complexity of marketing and gives business owners the tools to take the first step towards an effective marketing strategy. I would recommend this book to anyone building their business or feeling overwhelmed with marketing.”

—Natalie Davis

Digital Marketing Professional

“Marketing 3-4-5™ should be required reading for anyone just getting started in their marketing efforts and for those seasoned SMBs who have found themselves struggling with bringing new clients – the right clients – through the door.”

—Rick Brown

CEO, Rick Brown Communications

“Regardless if you are a business owner, community leader or have any position in the middle, Marketing 3-4-5 is without a doubt a must read in the marketing world. Brian breaks down many of the various components of marketing, which can be a very complex topic and undertaking into easy to understand and executable bites. This book certainly belongs on every marketers bookshelf, or better yet, on your desk for quick and ready reference. This is a must read if you are serious about effective marketing." 

—John Newby

Founder, Truly-Local, LLC

"I love the simple step-by-step actions given in this book. It makes it an easy read and easy to incorporate these changes in your marketing."

—Derek Lumsden, MSARP

CEO of Polished Productions Consulting

“In a world where effectively telling our story has become a critical element to the sustainability of our small businesses, Main Street programs, and communities, Marketing 3-4-5™ Simplifying Local Marketing will become your guidebook for local marketing success.”

—Michael Wagler

Main Street Iowa State Coordinator

"In the era of online business and digital marketing gurus, the local physically located small business often gets left behind. Brian Ostrovsky has clearly done his research. Speaking directly to this demographic of business owners, he busts common myths that run rampant in the local business world, offers vital mindset reframes, calls business owners to actions with grounded votes of confidence, and offers clear, simple, and actionable advice to those who need it most. Highly recommended!" ~ 

—Charlie Birch

Main Street Web Strategist, Third Eye Web Strategies

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