Kickstart Your Success in Under 2 Weeks with The 15-Minute Marketing 3-4-5™ Challenge

Maximize Your Impact: Break free from having to figure things out on your own or the tyranny of social media and other rented audiences to streamline your marketing in Just 15 Minutes a day

Why You Should Take the 15-Minute Marketing Challenge

Through a simple 15-minute activity each day for 13 days you'll learn to implement the Marketing 3-4-5™ approach, build your marketing foundation, and implement a repeatable practice for your business or community.

By the end, you will have:

  • Grown Your Reach by connecting your Locable account to your Google Business Profile and add tools to your website (or Locable Profile) and cross-promote with Local Connections™ to reach more people in more places with less effort
  • Practiced creating and sharing examples from your business or community to show what makes you unique, drive referrals, and rank better on Google
  • Highlighted your community involvement and added a donations request page to your website to simplify and organize the requests you get
  • Audited your website for common mistakes and opportunities to improve SEO and convert more visitors into leads or customers
  • Identified your marketing plan to continue creating and distributing content, growing customer reviews and referrals, and positively impacting your community

The 15-Minute Marketing Challenge is built for business business owners, nonprofit leaders, and community organizers to help you reach your goals with proven techniques that simplify your life.